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Mexico vs Sweden Match Preview


It is at 3pm tonight that the match between Mexico and Sweden will be kicking off, that is of course if you live in the UK; otherwise you will need to double check to see what time the match will start based on your respective time zone.

Now one annoying aspect of that match if you are an avid soccer fan is that it will be starting at the same time as the South Korea vs Germany match, so you are going to have to make your mind up as to just which match you will watch live, but you can always watch the one you don’t watch live on catch up TV or you can record it.

However, looking at the Mexico vs Sweden match, there is a lot of differences of opinion as to the way that match will go, for whilst most people are convinced that it will go the way of Mexico, who have a probability of some 41% of them winning, the probably of the draw is 29% and the probability of Sweden winning is 30%.

As such based on those figures alone this is a much closer match to call that it would appear, and as such it could go the way of either team or may just end up in being a draw.

Group F Standings

Both Mexico and Sweden are of course in Group F, and currently it is Mexico that is at the top of that group with Sweden in position three, just joint second position with Germany, so as far as form goes those two teams are fairly well matched.

If I had to make a prediction as to the way that the match will play out is that it won’t be a huge scoring game for sure, and possibly we could see a 1-1 draw, however that does of course remain to be seen.

Today’s Other Matches

As I have mentioned up above the South Korea vs Germany match is due to kick off at the same time as the Mexico vs Sweden match, however as that other match is very one-sided, unless you want to see a goalfest and a match in which Germany should bang in plenty of goals you will probably best better off watching the Mexico vs Sweden match.

In fact, later on tonight there are another two matches scheduled to kick off and low and beyond those two matches are once again going to be kicking off at the same time, so once again you are going to have to decide which one you do want to watch live.

One of those matches will see Switzerland playing against Costa Rica and I do think that match should be a very easy on for the Switzerland team to come out on top of, for Costa Rica do appear to have seriously lost their way in this soccer tournament.

Serbia and Brazil are the other match kicking off tonight at the same time as the Switzerland vs Costa Rica match and I do think we can pencil that match is as a win for Brazil!

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