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England Has a Chance to Shine Today


With the UK currently experiencing a heat wave, that isn’t expected to end for several weeks, there are going to be plenty of people in England especially that will be hoping the sun continues to shine of their national team today, as they will of course be taking on Colombia in the next stage of the World Cup.

However, never let it be said that Colombia are going to be a walkover, for despite them being the underdogs to win that match later today, as we have already found out in the other matches that have been played this week and during the Group Stages there is no such thing as an underdog in this year’s tournament!

On the balance of form though it does look like England losing against Belgium the other day, does leave them with a much easier chance of making it through to the final, and whether they will do or not is going to be in the lap of the Gods.

Today I want to take a much closer look at the chances of both teams in that match and will be revealing to you the actual probability of the match ending in either an England win, a Colombia win or whether the match will end in a draw after 90 minutes of play.

England Will Not Want a Penalty Shootout!

The probability of this match ending in a draw after the first 90 minutes of play is slap bang on 30%, however one thing that England will not want to experience is seeing the match eventually going to a penalty shoot out.

Most pundits however are convinced that even if the match does go to a draw after the first 90 minutes then England will up their game and should easily beat Colombia during extra time, whether they will or not is another matter however!

Which Team Will Win?

To be fair to Colombia they have proven they can very easily play top tier soccer and have made it through to the final 16, and as such we should never underestimate their chances of winning their match today against England,

The probability however of them doing so is 27%, which is not as low as their winning chances have been in some of their other so far played matches, so on the balance of things they could win this match.

England have also been playing a good game of soccer throughout this tournament, and whether they have planned to lose against Belgium the other day, well nobody really knows, apart from the players and coach of course.

The probability of this match going the way of an England win is 43%, but just keep in mind that things often prove very difficult for England during the latter stages of the World Cup tournament, and there are probably just as many people who do think England will lose this match as there are people who think they are going to win it!

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