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Neymar does not need the theatrics


Brazilian international Neymar is, without doubt, a talented footballer. However, he is a hard individual to like at times. Take his performance against Mexico in the Selecao’s last 16 2-0 win on Monday afternoon.

Neymar scored and produced an assist to help his country through to their seventh straight World Cup quarter-final. However, during the game, there was also an incident when Mexico’s Miguel Layun ‘treaded’ on the forward.

Looking at the incident at first glanced from the forward’s reaction you would have thought that he was severely injured. However, this Neymar and these incidents are commonplace with the forward.

Has a big ego and lofty ambitions

When on song Neymar is brilliant to watch. In fact, he is one of the most technically gifted players in the world. Some say he is the heir to the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi at the top of the game.

It is no secret that Neymar hopes to win the Ballon d’Or award one day. However, he has already won the Fallon on d’floor award a couple of times in Brazil already. If his personality matched his talent, then he could be a contender for the much-coveted award.

His behaviour, theatrics and downright falling on the floor are certainly not going to help him achieve the Ballon d’Or.

Neymar seems to crave the attention

Neymar has appeared in a few Hollywood films in recent years with small cameos. It seems he likes a bit of theatrics. Since he broke into the Santos team, everybody has handled him carefully.

Nobody wants to offend the forward, as he does have such unique talents as a footballer. However, it seems his ego loves being the centre of attention on the pitch. When Brazil scored the second goal on Monday, everybody flocked to Neymar, not the scorer Firmino.

Maybe this was because Neymar created the goal with his initial shot or perhaps it his teammates giving him the attention that he craves so that he will be at his best on the pitch. Either way the forward loves being in the limelight, it seems not matter if it is for good or bad things.

Neymar could help Brazil win the World Cup

For all the nonsense about his poor play-acting and behaviour, Neymar could help Brazil win the World Cup this summer. Tite’s side face Belgium in the World Cup quarter-finals on Friday. Roberto Martinez’s team will be tough opponents.

Neymar has now contributed to nine goals in his last nine games for Brazil at the last two World Cups. He is undoubtedly the man for the big occasion.

Neymar is an exceptional footballer, but I get the feeling that he will never be regarded as a great. He may be a poster boy in his homeland, but with every dive and petulant act, he is losing fans, as they become frustrated by his behaviour.

If Brazil does win the World Cup this summer, I hope that it down to some brilliance from Neymar. The forward does not need the downright ridiculous behaviour to standout.

He just needs to play the game and produce what we all know he can. Unfortunately, I do believe that Neymar is destined to be remembered by many for his ridiculous behaviour, and not his outstanding football ability.

Can Neymar tone down his behaviour at World Cup 2018?

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