Quarter Finals Are Make or Break

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Well, we now know which eight teams have made it through to the Quarter Finals after last night’s final 16 match, in which England took their time to finally win a penalty shoot out!

All four matches in the FIFA World Cup Quarter Finals are going to be played this Friday and Saturday, and there are plenty of teams the pundits didn’t expected to see playing them.

The first Quarter Final match will be the one in which Uruguay will be playing France, and even though France are the favourites to win that match it could be one that after 90 minutes of play could go to a draw and Uruguay are not without a chance of winning either.

For those stats fanatics out there, the actual probability of a Uruguay win is 23%, the likelihood of the game ending in a draw after 90 minutes of play is 30% and the probability of a France win is 47%, but one thing we do all know is that Uruguay are not going to go down without a fight, and that is certainly one match I will be sitting down to watch!

Brazil vs Belgium

There is a much greater chance of the Brazil vs Belgium match that is being played this Friday ending in a draw than there is of the game ending in a Belgium win after 90 minutes of standard play, and Brazil are of course the favourites to win that match.


The actual probability of each possible outcome are a 44% probability of Brazil winning that match, a 29% chance of the draw and regarding the chances of Belgium coming out on top in that match they have a 27% chance of doing just that, but Brazil should take this match in their stride.

Will England and Croatia Win on Saturday?

It has been quite some time Sweden and England have made it through the Quarter Finals of the World Cup, and the match in which they are playing against each other should be a very entertaining one to watch this Saturday.

It is England that has a 50% probability of winning that match, the probability of a draw is 28% and Sweden are looking like the underdogs with them having just a 22% probability of winning that match, but as always the match could indeed go either way.

It will be Russia or Croatia that will finally discover their fate and find out whether they are going to get through to the Semi Finals once they have played the last Quarter Final match scheduled for Saturday.

The hosts, that of course being Russia have been given a huge lift in moral thanks to some stunning displays on the pitch so far, and they will be going flat out to achieve a winning outcome in that match in which they have a 27% chance of winning, and the probability of a draw is 31% and the probability of a Croatia win is 42%

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