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The Harry Kane query


Whenever anyone has thought about or considered the fate of Tottenham Hotspur in the last few years, Harry Kane has often been their next thought. It’s an understandable progression given just how influential the Englishman has been for the club during his time there, and as we look ahead to the remainder of the season, it’s clear to see that his name will be brought up a lot – regardless of whether or not Tottenham find the success they’re looking for.

It’s no secret that the 2018 FIFA World Cup golden boot winner is currently out with an injury, which could well bring his campaign to an early end. However, there seems to have been no confirmation one way or the other regarding whether or not he’ll be back in time for any of Spurs’ remaining fixtures. It definitely feels like that is by design, but you have to question if Tottenham fans are being given false hope about their hero returning.

The cream rises to the top

If he does wind up coming back and guiding this team towards some great things (most notably Champions League glory), it’ll be a great story for everyone involved. In equal measure, though, it’d be just as memorable for Spurs to get the job done without him. Why?

Because nobody thinks they can.

Tottenham are set to face off against Ajax this week in their Champions League semi-final, with a date in the final against Liverpool or Barcelona hanging in the balance. If Spurs can overcome the Dutch giants, who have already knocked out Real Madrid and Juventus, then it’d be a huge sign of their intent. Plus, if they can do it without Kane as he continues to rehabilitate his injury, it’ll be a sign that Tottenham isn’t the one-man team that everyone keeps making them out to be.

Eyes on the prize

As well as that, Tottenham also need to remain focused in their final few Premier League games. It seems like a virtual certainty that they’ll be able to secure one of the top four places in the PL, thus confirming their status in the Champions League for next season. However, that’s not a guarantee just yet, and if they lose their focus then things could go south pretty quickly.

We’re of the belief that Tottenham will struggle to win the Champions League given who is left in the competition, but even getting to the final four is a huge accomplishment for them. It’s going to do wonders for their confidence, which is vital ahead of the summer transfer window. They’ll need to do everything in their power to go out and get the biggest names possible to bolster their squad, but it won’t be easy.

Several bookmakers have Spurs as the betting favourites for their first leg tie against Ajax which will go down at their shiny new stadium tonight, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. The togetherness and resilience of this Spurs team has been clear for everyone to see for a long time now, and with or without Kane, we’re betting on that shining through this evening.

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