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The transfer window chaos begins


Football fans are pretty entertaining, even at the worst of times (and trust us, the worst of times are much more prevalent than you may have first realised). The core entertainment value, you’d think, from the game of football would be watching the matches themselves on a week to week basis. Interestingly enough that doesn’t appear to be the case on a consistent basis, as a lot of fans actually prefer the chaos of the summer transfer window (and January) as opposed to the games themselves.

We understand that a lot of fans get bored if a tedious 0-0 is on or something like that, but one thing we can’t wrap our heads around is this forced narrative of the transfer window being a consistent success. You see, more often than not, fans are being lied to with rumours that have been picked out of thin air.

Remain calm

With that being said there is a lot of good that comes alongside that, with the good mainly being that it helps to bridge the gap between the end of one season and the beginning of another. The European season isn’t currently dead in the water just yet as we still have a few entertaining games ahead of us, whereas in the MLS, there’s a whole season left to play – as well as a few international tournaments in the Americas and Africa.

For the sake of discussion, though, let’s talk a little bit about the transfer window. It’s no secret that most of us will watch what our team may or may not be doing like a hawk, because it could wind up changing the entire trajectory of the club (and the season ahead). It seems to get progressively worse, or better, as the years go on too, as the money involved in football gets more and more extravagant. Players are being solid for absolutely extraordinary amounts, and nobody is even blinking an eye anymore.

Don’t be fooled

Even the bookmakers struggle to put anything together for the transfer window, because it’s just so damn unpredictable. Alas, we do kind of wish there was a bit more drama on Deadline Day, because the last few years have been seriously lacking in that department. It’s still somewhat fun to watch things unfold on that day, but it’s not like we should have the highest of expectations.

There are a series of seemingly confirmed deals at this stage, but if we were to warn or inform you about anything when it comes to the next few months, just remember that not all is as it seems. A rumour one day could be debunked the next, and until it’s all been confirmed, we’d highly recommend that you take it all with a massive pinch of salt.

Before all of that goes down there are still a few entertaining games coming your way, too, as English football takes centre stage in the form of the Europa League final & Champions League final. Will these games live up to the hype? Only time will tell.

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