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Is it all or nothing in Madrid for Liverpool?


There are just a few games remaining until we can officially close the book on the 2018/19 season, and what a season it has been. Domestically, internationally and in Europe there has been a surge of drama coming our way for the better part of nine months, and we are all in on that. Of course, with a few games left to play that means we’ve still got some things to sort out, with one of the most important ones being the UEFA Champions League Final which is set to take place in Madrid next weekend.

There’s no way of getting around it: this game is absolutely massive for the history of English football. Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur have had really strong campaigns respectively, but the stakes attached to this game are so life-changing for everyone associated with both clubs. That sounds a little bit dramatic, but such is the nature of the beautiful game.

Stand up and be counted

On another day we’ll be happy to talk about Spurs and their chances in Madrid, but today, we want to focus on Liverpool. The Reds put up a valiant effort in the Premier League title race, taking Manchester City all the way through until the final day of the season before eventually falling short. They shouldn’t be ashamed of that effort, but in equal measure, they also need to realise that fans are unbelievably eager to see them finally become the Champions of England once again.

Plus, there’s the ever lingering questions about what this season will represent if they can’t get the job done. Twelve months ago the Reds lost to Real Madrid in a final that slipped through their fingers – quite literally. They were expected to lose that game, but this time around, they’re the favourites. Dealing with that pressure is something that probably isn’t all too common for them is this kind of position, but it’s something they need to overcome.

Here we go again

We personally believe that this season should go down as a success regardless of what happens next weekend, but a lot of football fans (and we mean most) don’t tend to think like that. They seem to have this inner (and outer) monologue that ensures constant ridicule of fans that come close, but don’t quite get themselves over the finish line. Liverpool are a great team, but you can just see the headlines from a mile away if they can’t overcome Spurs.

Don’t get us wrong, Tottenham are a great side and are a tough match for anyone in Europe as we’ve already seen, but there’s a reason why Klopp’s men are the favourites. The gaffer at Anfield has inspired this team to the point where they’re on the brink of history once again, and that’s a pretty powerful emotion to be dealing with.

The hopes of a city are very much riding on this encounter, and if we have been able to learn one thing from Liverpool Football Club over the course of the last few decades, it’s that they don’t do things the easy way.

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