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The unpredictability of Major League Soccer continues


There are leagues which spread far and wide across a variety of different countries and continents, many of which are pretty entertaining. However, not all of us want to be able to predict what’s going to happen in these leagues, which is what we believe has become the case – especially across Europe, where the sport is most prevalent and arguably most popular.

One of the true exceptions to the rule could be the English Premier League, but even they seem to be entering into a period of widespread dominance from Manchester City and Liverpool, much in the same way that Manchester United and Arsenal controlled the division back in the late 90s to early noughties.

The development

Alas, if we allow ourselves to come away from Europe and hop back over the pond to North America, we personally believe that the uncovering of an even more unpredictable and exciting league isn’t being spoken about enough: and that’s Major League Soccer.

We aren’t for a minute trying to suggest that the quality levels are the same, because that would be a bit of a dishonest statement all things considered. What we are suggesting, however, is that there’s an entertainment value that comes alongside being featured in a league like the MLS. Let’s take this past weekend’s results as a shining example of that, to the point where we don’t even need to come away from the Western Conference in order to do so.

Los Angeles FC are quite clearly the best team in the league this season, and very few folks would disagree with that. However, as time has gone on, more and more fans have questioned whether or not they’ll be able to sustain their momentum heading into the playoffs. Contrary to popular belief, however, we don’t think experience has all too much to do with it, as Minnesota United showcased the other night when they were able to defeat LAFC 2-0 with a really efficient and professional performance.

Watch it grow

Then, on the other hand, you’ve got one of the all-time great MLS teams Seattle Sounders proving that they can still pull a great result out of thin air as they beat LA Galaxy 4-3 in a classic. These two results alone, against the two LA teams who have been tipped to walk through the playoffs, give us hope that we can, and will, continue to see some really entertaining developments from this league in the next few years.

The expansion is going to play a big role in that, too, regardless of whether or not people think it’s actually a good idea. There is so much potential for soccer to grow and become a legitimate fifth option for sports fans over there to go alongside the other four major North American sports throughout the USA and Canada.

In terms of this season the bookmakers will have their own views as to who will come away with the MLS Cup, but to be honest, we’re just excited to see it all play out.

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