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Pochettino and Silva both under immense pressure

Pochettino and Silva both under immense pressure

There seems to be big competition between Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino and Everton head coach Marco Silva in the race to be the next Premier League boss to leave their job.

Awful results on Saturday

Yesterday’s results in the Premier League did little to ease the pressure on either boss. Tottenham suffered a 3-0 defeat at Brighton in the early kick-off, while a few hours later Everton lost 1-0 at Burnley.

The results just added to both teams and bosses’ woes. Both seem to be on the verge of losing their jobs heading into the dangerous period that is the international break. Yesterday’s results just summed up both teams of late. Neither team showed much quality or fight against teams that are limited teams in terms of quality.

Silva has built up less faith

Pochettino has earned some leeway with the Spurs fans. For the last six seasons, he has established the north London team in the Premier League top-four. The Argentine also guided Spurs to an unprecedented Champions League final appearance last season. Silva has no such money in the bank. The Portuguese boss may only be in his second season at his current club, but there are signs that the team is going backwards instead of forwards.

The brightest spell Everton have enjoyed in Silva’s tenure was a few months at the end of last season, when they beat the likes of Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal at home. However, that short-run should not paper over the three-month spell of torrid form just before and after Christmas. Arguably the current situation is worse.

The Toffees have now suffered four straight league defeats, despite having what looked like a favourable schedule at the start of the season. The perceived ‘favourable schedule’ has turned into a nightmare for the Toffees followers.

Everton are 17th in the Premier League after looking set to challenge the top-six at the start of the season. However, Silva’s stubbornness to stick with the same formation and players has left that ambition almost dead and buried for another season.

The fans biggest criticism of the Portuguese boss is that he has no Plan B. In fact, his Plan A doesn’t seem to be great either. The fact that Everton repeatedly makes the same mistakes is what frustrates the supporters most.

The Toffees under Silva play the same failing formation every game, with the same underperforming players. The best bosses know when changes are needed. Silva is showing himself up as something of a charlatan, as his so-called tactical acumen is now nothing more than praying and hoping that his team pick up a result.

May last beyond the international break

The pair may well last beyond the international break. Reportedly the Toffees management will give Silva time to turn things around. This will annoy Evertonian’s, as the team has shown no signs of life under the Portuguese boss in recent games.

Tottenham seem unlikely to fire the highly-rated Pochettino, as it would be hard to bring in a high-calibre boss in October. Although some would argue there are bosses out there who could do a good job in the Spurs dugout.

It seems that the consensus amongst Everton fans is that Silva has reached the end of his road on Merseyside. However, the views from the Spurs fans seem far more varied. Even if the pair make it through the international break with their jobs, it would highly surprising if either were still in situ at the end of the season if things continue in a similar vein.

Will Silva or Pochettino lose their jobs in the near future?

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