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Will the relegation battle go down to the wire?

Will the relegation battle go down to the wire?

One of the biggest questions that always comes with every Premier League season revolves around the subject of relegation. From the newly promoted sides to top flight regulars, it’s near enough impossible to know what’s going to happen and who’s going to be relegated from year to year.

Anyone out there can use our betting page to try and determine what they think will go down from week to week, but today, our sole intention is to work through the leading candidates for potential relegation and figure out who may slip through the trap door alongside Sheffield United.

Southampton – 36 points

Southampton are probably going to be just fine in the race to 40 points and even the race to survive, if only because there are so many teams below them. Ralph Hasenhuttl had far higher ambitions for this season and what his team could accomplish but that hasn’t quite come to fruition, and now they just need to get through to the summer and really evaluate what’s happened at the club in recent months.

Newcastle – 35 points

Those who think Newcastle United are destined to survive this season need to check themselves because it isn’t over until it’s over. Steve Bruce simply has not done a good job with this Magpies side throughout the course of the campaign and that much is obvious, but these are the moments that matter most. They’ll probably stay up, but does that really showcase success – and does it really prove he’s the man for the job?

Brighton – 34 points

Brighton & Hove Albion play some lovely football compared to a lot of the teams down in the bottom three but they’re regularly left standing in their own way. They just can’t put the ball in the back of the net as much as they probably should and that’s going to leave them clinging on for dear life – probably until the last game of the season, which isn’t what any Seagulls fans want to hear.

Burnley – 33 points

Burnley are so composed and calm under pressure that we just don’t think it’s realistic to think they’ll go down. We’re expecting them to pluck a few wins completely out of nowhere, and in doing so, they’ll have a chance to regroup and organise in time for next season. The summer is always a tough time but if there’s one man who can pull off a few impressive deals, it’s Sean Dyche.

Fulham – 27 points

The problem with Fulham is that they have a habit of letting games slip through their fingers. You just can’t afford to do that at this level and if they carry on down this route, they’ll easily be relegated – with many thinking the Arsenal draw was the final nail in the coffin, which we agree with.

West Brom – 24 points

Battering Chelsea and Southampton in consecutive games is impressive, but West Bromwich Albion have almost certainly left themselves far too much to do. Sam Allardyce may stick around to see through a promotion push in the Championship, but we’re confident they’ll go down.

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