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A look at this season’s Premier League underachievers

A look at this season’s Premier League underachievers

This season’s Premier League offering has certainly been interesting with plenty of twists and turns along the way, but it’s safe to say an entire campaign without supporters in attendance is one campaign too long. Thankfully it seems as if we’re slowly but surely making our way out of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, meaning fans should be able to return to the stands at some point in the near future.

But before all of that, we want to take a look at what’s happened so far in the Premier League this season – and, more specifically, we want to look at the biggest underachievers.

You can put money down on how you think all four of these teams are going to finish the season by visiting the betting page, but for now, it’s our turn to provide some thoughts on their efforts.


It’s all well and good talking about the injury problems Liverpool have had to deal with, and we do understand why that’s an important point to make, but the Reds still could’ve handled this situation a bit better. They waited until the very end of the January transfer window to make changes, their usually-reliable front three haven’t been performing up to their usual standards and they just haven’t been able to mount any kind of serious title challenge.


Raul Jimenez going down through injury was always going to harm this Wolverhampton Wanderers side, but not to this extent. They’ve fallen away quite dramatically and if they carry this form through to next season, we’re actually quite confident in saying that a relegation scrap could be in their future. Nuno Espirito Santo continues to implement a really negative style of play and when you’ve got as many attacking stars at your disposal as he does, that’s absolutely criminal.


Southampton went from potential European contenders to bottom half fodder in just a few short months and many of us have been left to wonder how exactly it happened. Ralph Hasenhuttl continues to be tipped as the next Jurgen Klopp or, at the very least, a good Premier League manager, so why has their season fallen off the edge of a cliff? There are many answers for that but heading into the summer, one has to wonder what kind of changes are going to be made in order to ensure the same thing doesn’t happen again.

Sheffield United

They’re bottom of the table with 17 points, they’ve already been relegated and they had the worst start to a Premier League season in the history of the competition. That may not have been quite as catastrophic if the Blades hadn’t finished in the top half of the table the season prior, seemingly establishing themselves as a real force to be reckoned with. Now, they’re staring at a bleak return to the Championship, with many wondering whether or not they have what it takes to bounce straight back up to the top flight. If they don’t, it could be a long old while before we see them again.

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