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Ticket Touts and Fraudsters Target the World Cup


Sadly, there is one thing that any major sporting event is going to suffer from, and that is more people trying to attend fixtures during that event than the stadiums can hold.

That does of course mean that this year’s World Cup 2018 event is going to experience the usual number of people selling tickets at a much-increased price, and whilst that is something that many ticketless fans will think is a good service, if not an expensive one, there are plenty of fraudsters also looking to cash in too.

Hugely Inflated Ticket Prices

As such be careful if you are planning on buying tickets to the World Cup from ticket touts, especially those that are selling their tickets online, for I can guarantee that there will be a proportion of them, if not a huge percentage of them that do not have tickets to sell and will be simply looking to rip you off.

Cybercrime is of course big business these days, however when it comes to the World Cup, and the huge demand for tickets to watch some of the matches, including the final itself, people are always prepared to pay way over the odds for a ticket, and that is music to the ears of fraudsters of course.

If you are planning on going to Russia this year without a ticket, then just be careful, and if there is one part of the world that is known for its criminal element it is of course Russia!

Hotels and Plane Seats Fully Booked

It is fair to say that if you have just made your mind up to attend the World Cup Group Stages you have missed the boast to coin a phrase, for the chances of you finding a room or suite in any of the towns and cities across Russia that are hosting matches are going to be slim, in fact most hotels in Russia have been increasing their room rates for this event and I would go as far as saying they will be non-existent.

In fact, there is going to be very little chance that you are going to find a seat on any planes to the World Cup in Russia either, for they have been booked up solid for months now, so not only are you going to find it very difficult to get to Russia, you are unlikely to find anywhere to stay either.

Add into the mix the cost of tickets to attend some or if not all matches from ticket touts, and those that are not just ripping you off and not supplying any tickets, if you do somehow manage to get there you are going to be spending a fortune to stay and watch a match.

However, it never ceases to amaze me how many people will just turn up to such events and will leave it to chance that they do somehow manage to find somewhere to sleep and will also leave it to luck whether they are able to get a ticket for any of the venues too!

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