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Spain’s World Cup Song Released by Ramos!


You are going to be in for a treat, possibly if you are a fan of the Spanish national soccer team, for one of its major stars, that of course being Sergio Ramos has just released the Spanish song for the World Cup, and to be honest it does sound quite good!

It is usually around this time of the year that a range of different songs are released for the Wold Cup by different nations, but it did come as something a surprise to find out it was Ramos who would be singing on it!

Collaborating with Demarco Flamenco

However, it is worth pointing out that it is not just Ramos who is signing on the song for he is singing in collaboration with Demarco Flamenco, who really can sing!

Due to his popularity with not only Spanish football fans but fans from all over the world this is sure to be one of the hit songs for the World Cup and believe me when I tell you that you are going to have to get used to hearing it, as it is going to be played constantly in the run up and certainly over the Group Stages.

If of course Spanish do well, which there is a very good chance they will do, then you will probably know the song off by heart if they make it right through to the final, which is what the Spanish nation as a whole will be hoping happens!

Otra Estrella en tu Corazon

The Spanish World Cup song is called Otra Estrella en tu Corazon which translates as Another Star in Your Heart, which due to his popularity with fans is quite an apt title for the song!

As you would expect as soon as word got out, Social Media lit up with many people praising Ramos for the song, and wishing him well, however with Twitter being what Twitter is not all of the tweets were praising him!

However, having listened to probably dozens if not hundreds of different World Cup songs over the years, this is a song that is up there with the better ones, and believe me there have been some dreadful songs sung over the years, as I am sure you are well aware.

The Group Stages for Spain kick off on the 15th of June. And they are playing against Portugal that day, which to be honest are one of the more challenging teams in their group

It is expected that they are going to breeze through their matches with the other two nations in their group and they are playing Iran on the 20th of June and then Morocco on the 25th of June, so in my opinion as long as they do win their very first match in the Group Stages against Portugal then they should find themselves firmly at the top of their group.

But the World Cup is famed for being a tournament in which anything can and may just happen, so let’s wait and see how Spain do get on!

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