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What counts as success for Leicester City?

What counts as success for Leicester City?

It’s safe to say that Leicester City have enjoyed a decent start to the new Premier League campaign, picking up three wins from their first four outings to leave them third in the table. That’s hardly a position that is unknown or foreign to them in recent times and last year, they seemed to be destined for Champions League qualification – only to fall at the final hurdle on the last day.

Still, they managed to edge their way into the UEFA Europa League, which should be viewed as a decent enough accomplishment for most clubs. Unfortunately for the Foxes, their fans weren’t happy with the manner in which the team fell apart in the last few months of the season.

It makes you wonder for a second whether or not their ambitions are too high and ‘out there’, but then, you need to think back to 2016.

Leicester did the unthinkable and beat the 5000/1 odds to win the English Premier League title. Then, the next year, they managed to avoid relegation but equally reached the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that’s quite the accomplishment.

Brendan Rodgers hasn’t always been viewed as a man who is capable of taking Leicester back to those heights but in the modern age, it’s just so rare to see a manager being given a chance. He has proven himself to be someone that can guide this team to big wins when it matters the most, and their triumphant victory over Manchester City recently proved that all over again.

The likes of Jamie Vardy and James Maddison are helping to prove that English talent can bring you great success, too, and that’s a particularly important message to send to those who don’t invest enough in those that are making noise in the English league system.

In terms of the question at hand it’d be easy to simply say ‘we don’t know’ because that’s a question that can really only be answered by Rodgers and the fans. In our view, reaching the knockout stages of the Europa League – perhaps the Round of 16 – would be a success alongside a top six finish. You could maybe push that out to top eight but if they don’t qualify for Europe again through the league, they should be aiming to make a solid run through the FA Cup.

There are a whole lot of ifs and buts in there and you can have your own say on the betting page throughout the course of the season, but above all else, we just like the idea that Leicester are going to be trying to bring consistency back to the club again. Their fans deserve a team who can break up the status quo in the top six and that isn’t going to happen overnight, but alongside Everton and maybe even Wolves, it does feel as if we’re getting back to a point where the EPL is one of the most unpredictable leagues in the world.

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