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Which Premier League manager could be sacked next?

Which Premier League manager could be sacked next?

The Premier League is a complicated and unpredictable place with nobody really knowing the full extent of what’s happening behind the scenes at any of the 20 clubs. Things could be great on the face of it and awful in the back, or perhaps it’s the other way around.

Nobody likes to see people losing their job as we all well know but in the Prem, it tends to be a regular occurrence. Some gaffers have been given more time recently than they usually would but as the summer approaches, we tend to think a few could be on the chopping block.

You can bet on who could go next through the betting page but for the sake of this piece, let’s talk out a few of the options.

Steve Bruce

We can keep talking about how much Steve Bruce means to the recent history of managers in the Premier League but that isn’t going to paper over the cracks of what’s happening at Newcastle United. He is falling way, way behind the pace, to the point where the Magpies are quite clearly in the relegation battle now. Nobody knows if they’re going to slip into the bottom three or not but even if they don’t, the standard of football they’re producing is so unbelievably low that he should probably go anyway.

Jose Mourinho

The price that it would require to sack Jose Mourinho means this probably won’t happen right now but just think about how far they’ve fallen in terms of their performances. Tottenham Hotspur were in the Champions League final less than two years ago and now they’re being knocked out of the Europa League by, in comparison, minnows. The board needs to recognise what is happening because Mourinho just isn’t at the same level he was a few years ago, and they should heavily consider changing things up before the summer – or things could get even worse.

Sam Allardyce

West Bromwich Albion are near enough guaranteed to slip down into the Championship this season and while Sam Allardyce may not be fully responsible for just how bad they are, he does need to hold part of the blame. He was hired as the man to save this club and outside of the Black Country derby win against Wolves, he hasn’t really done anything. He’ll always be a legend in the eyes of Baggies fans for that but in terms of the bigger picture, this was one step too far for him.

Nuno Espirito Santo

This one is going to seem ridiculous given what he’s done for Wolverhampton Wanderers during his time at the club, but we tend to believe that he’s reached his ceiling at Molineux. Yes, he was able to get them back into Europe with an incredibly talented squad at his disposal, but the attacking football we’ve all come to love from them has gone. They look like a shadow of their former selves and if they can’t fix it soon, Nuno could easily face his marching orders.

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