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How Do We Make Our Soccer Predictions?

Are you a fan of football and sports betting and you need some help with different predictions? Do you want to confirm your hunch with the opinion of an expert before you bet? If the answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place!

Every day, our specialists offer you their football betting tips on a multitude of events and competitions around the world to help you partake in successful sports bets. To do this, they study the highlights of all the games of the day, then offer advice on the bets to prioritize.

To make successful football predictions, our team takes many different factors into account — from the latest results to the form of key players and the team as a whole.

We also look up into the news surrounding teams’ superstars and even the stories from their personal lives. This allows our readers to have access to a complete analysis that resembles the reality of the soccer match in question.

Our Team of Betting Aficionados

Free Soccer / Football betting tips and best football / soccer predictions are what we offer to our readers. The forecasts on our site are written by a team veteran bettors who have decades of experience in the sports betting industry. Their average accuracy is as high as 99%. How do they accomplish it? By using trends and relevant statistics to determine its predictions. Our team does proper research in order to provide quality games to be staked on.

Both mathematical aspects that surround a game are taken into consideration as much as the human aspects of the match. Knowledge is power — the more you know, the more likely you are to make winning predictions.

Every customer that uses our site rakes intangible profits week in and week out using free soccer tips and predictions we provide. If you’re looking to learn from those who have taken on the bookies and succeeded, you are in good hands.

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Whether you call it football or soccer, we can all agree that it’s one of the biggest betting sports in the world. The opportunities and options to make some serious cash are endless, with so many different games and leagues to choose from.

As the popularity of football betting grows, so does the number of betting sites eager to take your action. While lots of choices are always great, too many of them can make it hard to decide on the best place to place a bet. Sites are constantly throwing lucrative promotions and bonus programs, making it even harder to find the best spot for your football betting action.

As is our solemn duty, we decided to take things into our own hands and wade through all the different football betting sites and find the absolute best ones.

Why Do We Offer Football / Soccer Betting Tips?

By far, the most important aspect of our site is the fact that it is 100% free. This is a far contrast from other prediction sites where you are obliged to subscribe to get a slice of the cake.

In the end, what would be the point of us working on our passion if we don’t share it with others? Since we’ve seen for ourselves that our method works, we would like to help others achieve the same results as us.

Each prediction we publish will remain free — it was always the case and will continue to be so.

How to Make the Best Possible Sports Football Predictions?

To come up with a prediction that has a good chance of winning (like arguably the greatest manager of all time and in British History, Sir Alex Ferguson), you must consider several factors before pulling the trigger. We’ve listed essential variables that our experts rely upon when writing their forecasts:

  1. Analyzing the form of the players/teams
    The most crucial aspect to take into account when betting on football is the current form of the participating teams. It doesn’t matter if it’s the English Premier League or Japanese League 2, it’s always necessary to keep tabs on the latest performances — at least for a couple of weeks preceding the match.

    This allows you to easily and quickly understand the variables involved in the fixture of your choice, and thus have an idea about the designated event’s favourite.

  2. Taking account of the proposed venue of the match

    The second thing to take into account when betting on football is the venue in which your chosen game will be held. This is particularly important because the fans and conditions of the pitch will often play a significant role in the outcome of the match.

    Also, in football, the home or hosting team is considered to have a considerable advantage over the visitors. In some cases, the home team will probably win regardless of who they’re playing against.

  3. Checking out their previous meetings

    The third parameter to consider is the result of the most recent confrontation between the two teams. As you are probably aware, the psychological aspect plays a vital role in the outcome. That said, it’s often helpful to view the results of their previous matches.

    This can give you an idea of which side is going to have a psychological advantage. For example, a club that lost 0–3 last time the two teams met will have a higher chance of losing the upcoming match than the team that won. The same logic can be applied across all leagues.

  4. Timing of the match is important

    In football, the fixtures calendar is essential, especially for top-tier teams since they take place in various competitions. For example, a team that has suffered a defeat in recent European match might not be in the best shape when returning to their domestic league.

    Also, some coaches might rest their top players a couple of days prior to the important competition. Timing is critical for your predictions, and knowing what bet to make isn’t enough — you must also know when to make it.

  5. Checking out the news of a team

    If a specific team has a lengthy injury list or disharmony in the camp, it may be wise to avoid them. Bookmakers usually consider the injury factor when creating the odds, but that’s not always the case. Finding out this piece of information can give you the edge you need. If you notice that the odds on some team are higher than they should be, that means that it’s missing some valuable piece. A player might skip the match either due to an injury or for personal reasons. Whatever the case, it’s something definitely worth investigating.

  6. Estimating an acceptable odds value for your bet
    You should always make a connection between your prediction and the odds offered by online bookies. If you’re sure that team A is going to beat team B, but the proposed odds for that outcome are weak, you may want to reconsider taking that bet. You don’t want to risk your money for tiny potential gains. Although your prediction might be reliable, it may not be necessarily the smartest bet to place.

Avoid This Mistake If You Want to Win at Soccer Betting

People often tend to delve into the world of betting without understanding basic probability, statistics, and odds. Just how many times have you said to yourself “I have the right information, it’s time to place bets”, only to find out later that your bet wasn’t exactly a good one.

If this would be so easy, then sports analysts would be the best bettors in the world. But in reality, they have very little knowledge about sports betting, which is why their picks aren’t good. Maybe they would be good if they were looking at it from a sports-fan perspective. But when we include the probabilities, the value in odds, and advantage over the bookmakers, they don’t stand a chance.

Sports betting is a market and, if you want to make a winning, you have to beat someone. It’s not sufficient to find which team has a better chance of winning. It’s a game of prices and odds, not a game of winners and losers.

One of the most important things that most bettors fail to understand are the odds, finding value, and, of course, realistic expectations. Odds are nothing else but probabilities turned into numbers. Those odds basically represent prices that we pay when we bet.

In order to win, you must somehow figure out what is the lucrative price and what is the bad one. We can be lucky in ten games but, in the long run, we must find a way to estimate those numbers.

Finding the winner is quite easy. In most cases, a team that is a prohibitive odds-on favourite is going to win the match. Finding out which team has the better chance to win the game is not that hard. But what are those chances? Are they 60% or 65%? Maybe 60% is a solid bet and can make you a profit in the long run, while 65% assumption is wrong and will make you lose money in the long term.

Only a genius can estimate those numbers in their head by reading the news. It must be some formula or some statistical method that will continuously give you clear pictures of games. And only then can you combine this statistical evidence with other information to make final bets. Whatever the case may be, statistics are the heart of any sports betting.

All online betting sites use statistics. Do you think that they just read news and come up with odds based on their current hunches? No. Every successful business use statistics, and bookmakers are not an exception to this rule.

Key Lessons to Follow If You Want to Make a Profit

  • Most bettors place too many bets and, even worse, they bet on teams they don’t know. They think that the more bets they make, the more likely it is for them to win money. But it’s quite the opposite. You must choose your battles wisely — stick to the teams/leagues you are familiar with, and avoid random bets.
  • If you’re on a roll, it’s easy to get ahead of yourselves. You want to increase the bets, and place more bets. Stick to your game plan, for better or for worse.
  • If you’re on a losing streak, take a break. Once you find your rhythm again, start with smaller stakes.
  • Find a bookmaker that offers decent margins on the leagues you’re betting on. It’s almost impossible to make some cash if the bookmaker takes more than a 6% margin. This means that you have to be very good and they have to make a lot of mistakes, which usually doesn’t happen. In the major leagues, you shouldn’t accept more than a 4% margin.
  • If you’re on a hot streak and have won a couple of tickets, be smart and cash out your profit. Do something nice with it.


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