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Austria Bundesliga

Austria Bundesliga

League Table

2022-23 Austrian Bundesliga GP W D L F A GD P
1FC Salzburg161231339+2439
2Sturm Graz169612611+1533
3LASK Linz167633021+927
4Rapid Vienna167362518+724
5Swarovski Tirol167362726+124
8Austria Lustenau164662328-518
10SC Rheindorf164392034-1415
11SV Josko Ried163491224-1213
12TSV Hartberg1632111633-1711

Positions 1 - 6: Championship playoffs

Positions 7 - 12: Relegation playoffs


  • GP: Games Played
  • W: Wins
  • D: Draws
  • L: Losses
  • F: Goals For
  • A: Goals Against
  • GD: Goal Difference
  • P: Points

The Austrian Bundesliga League was founded in 1974 and the country in which all domestic games are played is Austria, the confederation for this league is UEFA and in total there are 10 individual football teams playing in that league, which is the number one level on the pyramid of leagues.

If any teams get knocked out of this league they are then relegated to the Austrian Football First League and the domestic cups they will all be playing for include the Austrian Cup and Austrian Supercup. Teams in this league will also be able to play, if they qualify, for international cups including the Champions League and Europa League.

The current champions at the time of compiling this guide are Red Bull Salzburg and that is the 11th title they have won, and it is FK Austria that have won the most titles that being a total of 21 times.

If you do want to find out any additional information on this football league, then simply pay a visit to the website as you will find plenty of information on team news and the current placings and all up and coming fixtures in that league.

Current Clubs in the Austrian Bundesliga League

The Austrian Bundesliga League clubs along with the home city, stadium name and the capacity of each of those team stadiums are fully listed below.

Admira Wacker Mödling are in Maria Enzersdorf and their stadium is called the BSFZ-Arena which has a total capacity of some 10,800.

Austria Wien are a team that are in Vienna and the name of their stadium is the Ernst-Happel-Stadion   which has a huge capacity of some 50,000.

Rapid Wien is another team that are in Vienna, the name of their stadium is the Allianz Stadion and it holds a capacity of some 28,000.

Red Bull Salzburg is one of the best-known teams in this league and their team are based in Wals-Siezenheim and you will not be too surprised to learn their stadium is called the Red Bull Arena which holds a total of 30,188 people.

Another team that you may just have heard of that is in this league is Rheindorf Altach and their home town is in Altach and the name of their stadium is the Cashpoint Arena and the number of home and away supports that stadium can hold is some 8,500.

SV Reid Ried im are a team that hail from the city of Innkreis and when visiting their home stadium, you will be visiting the Keine Sorgen Arena which can hold a total of 7,334 people.

St. Pölten are based and are in Sankt Pölten and the name of their stadium is called the NV Arena which when full to its capacity can hold a total of some 8,000 home and away supports in total.

The team Sturm Graz are from Graz and if you do visit their midsized stadium that is known as the UPC-Arena in total it can hold up to 15,323 people.

SV Mattersburg have been a football team that have been around for many years now and their home town is Mattersburh, their stadium is known and the Pappelstadion which is another midsized one that in total can hold some 17,100 people when it is full to its capacity.

The last and final team that play in this league are Wolfsberger AC and some additional information on this team include its home town, that being Wolfsberg and the name of that team’s stadium is the Lavanttal-Arena which is one of the smaller stadiums that can hold no more than 7,300 people.

Even though there are not that many teams that make up this league, unlike some other top tier leagues in other countries the standard of football in excellent, and as such there are an ongoing rotation of teams that do win the league title each year, and as such it is not the same teams years after year.

If you do ever visit Austria you will be pleased to learn that the entrance fees to get into any of the above-named stadiums are not as expensive as the entry fees into some other stadiums in other countries, however when you do visit any team playing at home or away keep in mind the weather as you will often have to warp up warm!